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Nancy and laurie

Nancy Rothstein (left) and Laurie Matasar talk to Ginger Zee of NBC Chicago.

Throughout the years, we all accumulate a multitude of T-shirts. Whether from our childhood, our school years, our travels or special events, our T-shirts depict our life journey. For Laurie Matasar and Nancy Rothstein, their collections mounted up and multiplied as they became parents. A whole new array of T-shirts, with their emblems and insignias, reflected the cycles of the lives of their children. With her creative and enterprising nature, Laurie decided to make a quilt for her son Scott as a college graduation present, putting to good use a stack of his plentiful T-shirt collection. Upon seeing the result, Nancy’s entrepreneurial flair was sparked and QuilTee® was born.

Laurie and Nancy are sisters and partners with a shared vision. QuilTee® gives people an opportunity to preserve memories with a treasured keepsake…a personalized quilt for you or someone you love. And, as the commitment to recycling becomes all the more important in our lives, Laurie and Nancy recognized a wonderful and meaningful way to add T-shirts to the list of recyclable materials.

Both Laurie and Nancy are constantly pursuing entrepreneurial endeavors. Each of them brings her own creative strengths to QuilTee®. Laurie’s company, Embellishments, created unique tabletop and home accessories. Embellishments products were sold in high end specialty stores, at art fairs and through other venues. Nancy is an author, producer and financial consultant. Scholastic Inc. published her children’s book, My Daddy Snores and Nancy created a website, www.mydaddysnores.com. With their newest venture, Laurie and Nancy can synchronize their areas of expertise to create a special product for you, our customer.

Sister's Sister Company

In addition, Laurie and Nancy have a “sister” company to QuilTee™ called ComfortHer®, producing quilts made from an assortment of T-shirts related to cancer walks, runs and other events that raise money for cancer research. When women undergoing treatment for breast and other forms of cancer come home to rest, they can wrap themselves in a ComfortHer®. Knowing that the T-shirts on their quilt represent the efforts of supporters seeking a cure, the quilt will be all the more meaningful.

Thank You

With their commitment to helping others, Laurie and Nancy will be donating a percentage of proceeds from both QuilTee® and ComfortHer® to charities.

QuilTee® welcomes the opportunity to create a memorable gift for someone you love, recycle meaningful T-shirts, and help others along the way. Thank you for visiting www.QuilTee.com.